5 Free Software Tools For Website Development

Website development is a huge part of business these days, and getting the most done often times comes down to having the right software for the job. Some of the best software is very expensive.

There are many reasons to go with this software if you are in business. However, sometimes the best solution is open source or free software. Below we have gathered five free software products that will help you get more done for your business online.

  1. Open Office                                                                                                                       
    • Works just like Microsoft Office with a suite of products like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.
    • Can save file extensions in Microsoft compatible formats like .doc
    • Can be downloaded on computers with no Microsoft Office license
  2. Notepad++
    • One of the best code editors out.
    • Allows opening, editing and saving of many popular code extensions like .html and .css
    • Very light and compact program, easy to use
  3. Paint.net
    • Simple yet powerful image editing and graphic design software.
    • Change the size of images and design basic ads for your business
    • Offers some of the tools of PhotoShop, but certainly not all.
  4. WordPress
    • The world’s most popular content management website system
    • Lots of options when it comes to development, from easy to use to custom solutions
    • Can be very powerful when optimized properly. Although it is free, paid templates are recommended
  5. Gmail
    • One of the best email solutions on the market.
    • Can be setup to run custom domain emails.
    • Powerful spam protection and contact management system built in.

What are your favorite free software products for business?