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Your website design needs a better marketing design focus


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Why Market or Redesign Your Website?

Just to give your visitors a bad taste of your brand…

Ever find yourself having to put your house in order when expecting guest? Or dress in your best outfit for a special occasions?  This has ties to our social and psychology way of process information. Would you have your website be any different when marketing? Don’t shot yourself in the foot with a website that makes your competition look good. Without a design focused marketing strategy, you will be better off not marketing.


Understanding the expectation of website visitors, is one of the most difficult challenges for small business. I had the chance to visit with several companies that pour a lot of advertising dollars into promoting their website but failed to answer how their site help convert. Interestingly most of these business all had one common problem – horrible design focus. There is huge opportunity for local business to get more visual exposure online locally, than ever before. Search engines value a local business; local business help improves search results satisfaction making it a win-win situation.

Take Aim at Your Marketing

Your website needs to be several things—targeted, focused and compelling. First, know who you’re talking to—do a little research to identify your target audience…

  • Your business website depends heavily on its ability to cut through the clutter of noise competing for attention. User experience, which account for things such as the buyer persona, interface design, responsive websites is the food, air & water it needs to survive.
  • Don’t copy the competition blindly just to keep up with the Jones. Focus on how to improve your unique selling proposition USP to set yourself apart.
  • Use analytical data to study the changes and behavior of your visit to help you have a strategy to update your site.

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