How To Create Valuable Content Online

We have all been there before, staring at a blank Word document with a deadline fast approaching. This is the first impression most people get when they think about writing.

It is understandable to be challenged when writing about a random topic a teacher came up with, however, when writing for oneself or for your own business, it  should be easy and fun. Making writing fun is not as hard as it seems.

First off, make a quick hot topic list on a piece of scratch paper about all of the interesting things going on in your particular industry.

This should be a quick activity, don’t spend too much time figuring this out, just go with what flows. Next, after assembling some good ideas about things going on in your industry, pick one that interests you.

Once the idea is chosen, it is important to let the ideas that come in your head to flow. So a good exercise is to just start writing all of the thoughts that come to you about it, regardless if they seem rational or useful. Now that all of your creative juices have flowed, it is time to bring in the rational mind.

Go through the writing you just did and pull out the pieces that seem to make the most sense and start to piece them together with other thoughts in the similar vein. This exercise should give you a starting place for your article. Start your article by introducing the subject and what the reader will achieve by reading your piece.

After introductions, use pieces from your brain storming session to fill in all the details about the subject of the article. Last, summarize what the point of the article is and give the reader a nugget of resourceful info that they can take with them. Make sure to include a call to action if the point of the article is to create more business for your business.

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