key word metrics

View current rankings for selected keywords on your website.


Get insight to internal linking and external linking.


Evaluation of technical elements of the website that are favored by search engines.

Crawl Summary

Compiles rankings from multiple authorities including Google and Moz.

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Once you view the online report, be sure to request a Comprehensive report for free.  This includes additional details such as:

Free Website Analysis tool

Real-time web analytics on our own dash board (proprietary application)… No excel files

Make use of advanced analytics with real-time reporting, powerful visualizations, and dashboards that arm you with the insights you need to guide your business and All key metrics impacting Search Engine Optimization.

Real-time web analytics  social media reports

Discover a comprehensive, multidimensional view of customer segments that you can use to make accurate, timely, and insightful decisions and improve performance.

Free third part application Data reports

Measure, analyze, and optimize integrated data from online and offline marketing channels, current Ranking for targeted keywords.

Real-time web analytics

Access second-to-second analytics reports and real-time tools that allow you to react instantly to visitor trends, and Side by Side comparison of competing websites

Mobile analytics

Dive deep into the performance of your mobile campaigns. Understand how your mobile customers uniquely engage your brand.