How To Add A Favicon To A Website

Favicon, or Favorite’s Icon are little images that sit to the left of a web page title and allows the user to easily recognize the site in a bookmark list. Adding a favicon to your website may be an easy process depending on the type of website you have.

If your site is running WordPress, then there are plenty of plugins that can easily add a favicon, All In One Favicon is a good plugin for most applications. If your site is not running WordPress, or if you would like to avoid using plugins (usually a good idea), then you can use the code below to add a favicon to your site:

Just make sure to change the link to where the image is hosted, you can use an image hosting site like Photobucket to get the link.

<link rel=”icon

      href="link to where the image is located" />
[separator type='transparent' color='' thickness='' up='5' down='5']
Put the code in the top of your header file above the closing </head> tag.

Favicons are especially small images, about 35px X 35px, and you will need to edit the image to this size before trying to upload it. [separator type='transparent' color='' thickness='' up='5' down='5']

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