Keeping up with technology

How Do you keep up with technology?

So you go to buy a new phone, two days later there is a new phone release with additional features that makes the one you just bought outdated. Good luck exchanging it for a new one, it simply won’t happen. Addiction to new technology is the new norm for manufacturers and developers that feed on competition. Every new thing brought to the market has a new feature already in the production line. Consumers are very receptive to change and are always on the lookout for new technology.

What type of consumer are you?

Are you the one that holds off buying the next big thing? Or are you the one that can’t wait to sink your teeth in the next big thing? If you look on what is on the menu, technology only offers you two choices, slower adapters and fast adapters. Which one of them saves more money in the long run? This is out for debate.

When is it the right time to upgrade technology?

If you can prove an upgrade will save you time or money then you are due for an upgrade.

  • Examples of a phone:

i.      Sharing files
ii.      Taking photos
iii.      Navigation
iv.      Battery life
v.      Phone process speed

How to keep up with technology

You stand a better chance of keep up with technology by subscribing to news feeds that allow you to get information that matter to you the most. Use twitter, Google Plus, Linkin and Facebook to follow groups that interest you the most.

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