Online Video Marketing

We are on a mission to be the only company you’ll ever need for media design, development, and marketing. That achievement can only be earned by being the best at everything we do for you, which is why we offer a full team of individuals who each bring specialized skills to the table… and it’s all backed by ongoing support.

Online video marketing is only part of the equation, so work with the same company who can maintain consistency for your brand across every content marketing strategy. (Yeah, we’ll also design your infographics and write the articles that bring new customers.) over the years.

How to Get The Most Out of Online Video Marketing

This isn’t a bandwagon you should jump on just because “everyone else is doing it”. Diving into any trend without first understanding how it works can backfire, but we can help you create a video marketing plan and then put it into action.

Four important points on video Marketing
  1. Your video should have a title that attracts the right people.
  2. Your video should have a clear and useful purpose for existing, and it probably shouldn’t be self-promotional.
  3. Be sure to use every opportunity to brand your video. Feature your logo prominently (without taking away from the subject matter) and include your URL in the video as well as a link in the video description.
  4. Like every other form of content marketing, your videos shouldn’t be a sales pitch. Rise above the clutter and offer something of value to your audience. Building trust and establishing authority is the new way to send sales through the roof…and it’s more sustainable.

What’s so special about online video marketing anyways?


You might be surprised to know that people once thought social media marketing was just another over hyped trend that would eventually pass. If that doesn’t surprise you, you might laugh at those who still feel this way about social media and don’t bother with it.

The thing is, online video marketing is no different. Rather than waiting to see how long it will last; just take a look at the benefits you could be taking advantage of:

  • For the average internet user, visual media (graphics and video) is more likely to get 3 minutes of attention span than an article.
  • Everything the internet has taken away about personal relationships with a brand is restored when you record yourself. You add a face to your brand, and become a person that your audience can relate to again.
  • Video results increase your position in Google search results.
  • Videos are more shareable.
  • Online videos are a form of entertainment, education, or inspiration. It might not seem relevant at first, but publishing a valuable video allows you to become a trusted authority for your core audience(s).
  • Most online videos do not have a shelf life. In fact, they continue to increase in measurable value over time.

Of course this list could go on and on. Something about “brand awareness” and “broadening your horizons.” The most important thing to know is that even if you aren’t taking advantage of online video marketing yet… your competitors are already using it to their advantage, leaving you behind in the dust.

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