Pros and Cons of Website Templates

When it comes to web development, there are many ways to “skin a cat.” One of the most popular solutions for web development these days is web templates. Web templates come in many different flavors, but two of the most popular are WordPress and Joomla.

The benefits of WordPress and Joomla are many, including ease of use and powerful free tools. The drawbacks are considerable, however, as security flaws are a major concern for commercial and personal use of these software products. The issue of security is based around the fact that these software solutions are open source code and everyone can know what source code your website is built upon.

This allows people with malicious intentions to “break into” websites and add spam links or cause other problems like stealing data or destroying work. There are ways to secure the site more, one is to build a brand new software version of WordPress or Joomla specifically crafted for your project. This is not a complete solution to the problem, but it does limit security holes compared to a largely distributed free template. Additionally, there are security plugins such as Bullet Proof Security and Limit Login Attempts. These help with buttoning up some of the inherent security holes in WordPress.

Joomla is much more secure than WordPress, but does still have some security flaws. Mainly it involves people’s websites being hacked and taken over, but there are some things that can be done. One option is to install Joomla Security Scanner. Another option is to have a custom Joomla site built for you. When a new custom site is built on the Joomla platform with security in mind, most issues can be avoided.

Web development companies like Authentic Imaging, LLC can build you a custom Joomla or WordPress site that is very secure. Your site will be unique, and also incorporate many security features. The benefit of going this route is that the management of the content on your new website will be very easy and intuitive. These site updates can be made in a program feature called WYSIWYG  pronounced “Wiz-E-Wig,” which stands for “What-You-See-is-What-You-Get.” These editors are very familiar to many people as they are very similar to Microsoft’s word processor Word. This can make your web experience much less frustrating and much more productive.

For people looking for the most professional solution to web development, a custom scripted site is the best solution. Although the cost will be more, the security will be much higher on a custom built site. The ability to update information can be a little bit more of a learning curve, although WYSIWIG editors can also be added to custom coded sites. Custom sites are much more valuable from an enterprise angle as they allow the highest level of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Graphical User Interface or GUI. These features become more and more important when building a corporate business. If you would like help with any of these web solutions, please do not hesitate to contact Authentic Imaging, LLC with any questions at 406.322.3569.