Managing Your Personal Online Brand

Regardless of what career or business you are involved in, managing your online presence is more important than ever. Have you ever searched Google for your name? This search is being done by potential employers, people doing business with you and even potential mates. So why not put the best foot forward?

A good personal online brand management plan starts with research and tracking of your name citations. To begin, search your name on Google, Bing and Yahoo searches and make note of what the citations say. Make sure that all of the information about you is correct and explains who you are without giving away information you may not want out there available.

Next, go to all of the social media sites that you may be on, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Youtube, etc… Change all of the details to the most current and accurate information that is consistent across all the networks. Make sure to erase any info you don’t want available to potential employers or business contacts.

Lastly, think about creating a personal blog. The blog should focus on who you are, personally and professionally, and allow the visitor to contact you for more information (if this is what you want). Make sure to reinforce all of the great things about you, and minimize any information that might be considered controversial or offending to sensitive parties.

The benefits of building a powerful online personal brand are many. Jobs, business, relationships and organizations can all use the internet to gain a better perspective of what it is like to interact with you. Why not give them the best possible picture of the amazing person you are?

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Data Debacles

We live in a world of data. The most successful companies are all too aware of this fact, and are harvesting and storing data by the truck load. Even if you are not a top 500 Nasdaq company, you can still take advantage of good data practices.

One of the most important steps to protecting data, whether it is company reports or photos of uncle Jimmy at last summer’s BBQ, is to back-up. Back-up can be a tedious process, but there are many modern apps on the market today that allow updating to run in the background as an afterthought. One of these solutions is Carbonite.

Carbonite is a relatively cheap solution for cloud-based backing up of files and data. Cloud-based just means that it can be accessed from the internet from any machine.

What is great about Carbonite is that it does all the backing up of the file you select at any interval you choose automatically. This can be a great convenience. However, with convenience comes more responsibility to ensure that the data is correct and has not been corrupted.

The problem with backing up corrupted data, is that depending on how many revisions or history of back-ups, it may be that all of your data is now corrupted. It may become impossible or very difficult to recover the data prior to going corrupted.

To battle this issue, it becomes necessary to check on the validity and execute-ability of your backed up data. It should be someone’s job at your organization to pull the backed up data once or twice a week and ensure that it is accurate. If this step is followed, it is nearly impossible to lose data.

If a failure occurs on hardware, the data can easily be re-downloaded on a new machine. Data redundancy is a good practice that can save hundreds of hours of labor not to mention thousands of dollars.

Don’t be caught in a data debacle, start backing up your important files today!