Tips For Using iPad

Tablets are lots of fun, and the iPad is the king of tablets. Although the iPad is an amazing machine, there are still some tips you can follow to optimize your iPad-ing experience. These tips are broken down by Battery Optimization, Operation Speed-Up & Awesome Apps.

Follow these tips for a better iPad experience, and share your tips in the comments below:

Battery Optimization

The downside of mobile operating systems currently is that they leave lots of applications running in the background that can zap the power from the battery. To check on what applications are running rogue on your iPad, double click the Home button.

This pulls up a horizontal menu of all the programs currently open and running. Note that some of the programs may be outside the screen to the right, and may require finger swiping at the bottom from right to left to bring these programs into view.

Now that you have gotten a good idea of what is running, it is time to shut everything off. Why shut everything off you might ask? Because the system will relaunch any application at it’s current state by clicking on the shortcut icon, and it is unnecessary to have the application open and running if it is not being used. So go ahead and close all of the apps by holding your finger down on one of the apps until little minus signs appear in the top left corner of all the apps.

Now that the minus sign is visible on all the apps, all you have to do is click on each minus sign to close the app down. After all the apps are closed, you can go about your iPad-ing business by clicking on the one app you want to run and know that all the others are not sucking battery or processing power.

Operation Speed-Up

There is something magical about the iPad, it flows smoothly from application to application, game to e-mail to internet browsing gracefully. But what if it does not? Then you may have a need to speed-up the operation of  your machine. One of the best ways to do this is to cut back on unused and unnecessary applications.

A good rule of thumb to go by is if you have not used an app in a month or longer, then go ahead and delete it off the iPad. If you happen to need this application again in the future, you can always re-download it from the App Store.

To delete an application, hold down on top of the app until it turns red and a pop-up message asks if you would like to delete this application permanently. Click delete, and repeat this process on all the other excess apps.

Awesome Apps

The iPad would never be as cool if it wasn’t for the vast array of apps available to download from the App Store. Here are a few of the great apps available on the device:

  • ZinioDo you enjoy reading books on Kindle? Then you will love reading magazines on ZinioZinio does a great job of creating the vibrant colors and feel of today’s modern magazines. They have thousands of titles to choose from, tens of thousands of issues to browse, and millions of pages of content to get you through the humdrum of that waiting room.
  • PaperFeeling artistic? Paper is a great tool to get that artistic flow out on your iPad. It has the basic engine of all other drawing programs but then it adds a bunch of great features for adding flare to your drawing project. Grab this app in the App Store today for free.
  • ChromeNeed to browse the web quickly and precisely? No problem, Chrome is here. The popular web browser by Google can be used on the iPad as the native browser.

    The advantages it offers over Safari are quicker speeds and more reliable connection. Additionally, Google Account Users will find the transfer of there favorite websites and auto-saved personal information very useful when they log into their Google account from Chrome on the iPad.

  • SpotifyWant to jam out to some new tunes? Try out Spotify. It is a music streaming service that will play music similar to an artist you choose for the station, including tracks from that artist. This can be very handy for discovering new music and new artists. Try out Spotify for free in the App Store and start enjoying music how you like it.
  • AccuWeatherNeed to know whether or not to wear that sweater? Check out the AccuWeather app for iPad. It offers great weather coverage in an attractive heads-up display with animation of the current weather system in your area.

    It also provides a forecast of the upcoming weather over the next few days. AccuWeather can be downloaded from the App Store for free.


The iPad offers many great features and applications, it just takes a little discovery to find out how to access and use them. It is definitely worth it though. We hope you enjoyed our tip list, and if you have any iPad tips to add, put them in the comments below: